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5 Reasons why the top of your foot might hurt

Pain on the top portion of your foot may seem strange but it’s actually much more common then you might think. There are many bones, joints, ligaments and tendons in this portion of you foot. Here’s what could be causing your top-of-foot pain.

1- You have a Lisfranc injury.

This is an injury occurs when some very small ligaments in the middle of you foot become stretched or torn. When this occurs walking can be very painful. Swelling and bruising may also be present. Automobile accidents are a common source of this injury.

2- You have a Stress fracture.

Stress fractures are cracks in bones that occur from repetitive pressures and overuse. Stress fractures commonly occur in the metatarsal bones in our feet. Someone with a stress fracture will often experience a deep dull pain and swelling.

3- You have Tendinitis.

Tendinitis occurs when a tendon in your foot is overextended. This may occur from overuse or wearing supportive shoes. Pain will often increase with activity.

4- You have Arthritis.

Arthritis occurs with overuse and trauma on the joints in your feet. It can cause pain, aches and swelling due to deterioration of the joints.

5- You have Gout.

A gout attack occurs when there is too much uric acid in our body. Gout pain often has a sudden onset and is severe and your foot will with often appear red, hot and swollen.

What to do: It’s time to see your doctor if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms and they won’t go away. It is important for your doctor to determine what course of action will work best for you. Your doctor will need to examine your foot and review your medical history. They may order X-rays, MRIs, and/or blood-work to get a diagnosis. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause of your pain.

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