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Did you know that the foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles?


The foot and ankle are complex structure with a complex anatomy making them susceptible to a wide range of injuries and conditions. These problems can often be the source of significant, often debilitating, pain and difficultly walking. Ignoring foot/ankle pain and symptoms can cause further damage and other problems. The doctors are Kadin Foot & Ankle center are dedicated to providing up-to-date treatments for foot and ankle injuries and conditions. They are committed to providing exceptional care and accommodating your specific needs. Kadin Foot & Ankle Centers offers 3 convenient locations in Burlington County: Medford, Hainesport and Delran.

FAQ's //

​​What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM), a physician and surgeon who treats the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg.

Follow this link to learn more about podiatrists.

Why should I see a podiatrist?

Feet are complex anatomical structures, all-in-one stabilizers, shock absorbers, and propulsion engines that are instrumental to overall health and well-being. They require expert care. The DPM means a physician has completed years of rigorous foot and ankle training in podiatric medical school and hospital-based residency training, making him or her uniquely qualified to care for this part of the body.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Identification and Insurance Information: Current photo ID and Current insurance card(s)

  • Insurance co-payment, co-insurance, and/or deductible information, if applicable

  • Insurance referral, if applicable

  • Any medical records, imaging (X-ray, MRI), or lab test results for your current problem/injury

  • Current List of All Medications You Are Taking: please include the dosage and frequency of the medications you take. Your medication list should also include herbal supplements, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications.

  • Medical History: a list of medical problems, surgeries including all prior treatments/procedures, surgeries even if they are not related to your current injury or condition, is always recommended. Have this record with you as you may need to access this information during your appointment.

  • Emergency Contact Information

We accept most insurances.  It is the patient's responsibility to check with their insurance to see if they need a referral and if we have a participating doctor, prior to your visit.  
If you do not see your insurance listed below please contact our office to verify //

AARP medicare advantage plan


Aetna Better Health

Aetna Whole Health

Aetna Medicare Advantage


Amerihealth Administrators


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal




Emblem Health



Horizon New Jersey Health

Independence Blue Cross

independence Personal Choice

Keystone Health Plan



Medical railroad


Medicare Advantage plans


NJ Manufacturers






Tricare (We don't accept Tricare Prime)

United Health Care

United Health Care Community Plan

Workers Comp


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